13 Mar No point swimming against the tide!

Having had some pretty poor tennis to bet on the last few days, no sooner do some matches worth a dabble on occur that my internet connection decides to screw up!

Not one to swim against the tide, I'm going to take a break. Indian Wells has been a real non-event, both for watching and betting, and Miami for the next fortnight is likely to be the same. So I'm off for the rest of March. May or may not resume blogging after Miami, in the meantime good luck to everyone.

12 March How to bet on Cheltenham

Didn't have any bets yesterday - just didn't fancy anything either pre-match or in running. Been a poor last couple of days in Indian Wells - the matchups just haven't happened. A bit of a surprise how easily the rejuvenated Petrova brushed aside Goerges, and Flipper had a great chance of beating the hateful Azarenka but just couldn't maintain her standard. That's a fine tan line on Woz's chest!

It's the first day of Cheltenham today. These are the most efficient markets of the year and I never bother to do any research myself as there's thousands of people out there beavering away and they'll get the markets right. I think it's rare for a complete rag to win so I just dutch a few of the market leaders to try and get an even money shot. For example, here's the first race today, with 3 market leaders, the fav and 2 CD winners dutched for roughly evens. Pretty easy to do, and no hours of dull research involved.
Doesn't always work, but if it did then it wouldn't be betting.

10 Mar

Rubbish day yesterday. Most of the WTA matches were one-sided with very short odds favs, and the couple of more interesting ones weren't streamed. So not much action there. I also managed to lay the first ever draw in history between Millwall and Blackburn Rovers, though thankfully recouped by laying Chelsea. Then lost some money on the NBA - stupid ill-disciplined betting due to boredom, the sort of nonsense I'm supposed to be trying to cut out by blogging. Actually, that's maybe a bit harsh - probably more a case of overstaking a bit, and I wouldn't be moaning if they'd won!

The matches tonight look a bit more attractive for betting, so here's hoping.

9 Mar

Bit of a lull in proceedings mid-session, and I've decided to stop for the day as the only two bets left that I fancy are really silly ones. So best stop before wasting any money. I will be watching and hoping against hope that Dani can roll back the years and send the hateful Azarenka and Redfoo packing.

Wicky did me a good turn, but the rest was all very uncertain stuff. There was a mid-game injury in the Maka vs Mug match and I had to get rid of all the Mug green and cover the Maka red, as there was no way of knowing who was injured - the market didn't move, so either there were no courtsiders or it wasn't that serious an injury. Sod's Law, Mug went on to win.

Betfair crashed midafternoon for an hour, just as the EPL  was kicking off. Not the first time this has happened, but why they can't sort it out lord alone knows. But it actually did me a favour, as I'd had a small bet on QPR which I would've gone all red when they went 0-1 down. As it was, they went 2-1 up while Betfair was still down!